Your event is our focus.

We were fortunate to have been internationally competitive athletes before we started Long Tail Creative. Racing internationally and in America exposed us to some amazing productions that inspired us as athletes and drew enthusiastic spectators to cheer us on. At a certain point, being the athlete at these events was no longer our dream but we did not want to lose touch with the action and excitement. We realized our experiences, aesthetics, standards for quality, and work ethic makes us a valuable asset for event promoters who understand the value of high-quality productions.

What types of events?

We specialize in sporting events with an emphasis on cycling. All events have the same needs for marketing – let people know what you are doing, when you’re doing it, how to get there, and why they should choose to spend their time with you. We specialize is balancing the sporting needs of cycling or triathlon with excitement for spectators without trivializing the sports we love. We set safe but exciting courses. We schedule our days to be fast-paced. The set design is Instagrammable. And the talent we require to execute these projects is top-notch.

Let's get started!

We work around the clock to create an event experience that everyone will want more of. Contact us so we can talk about the right approach for your event.

Kacey Lloyd

Co-Founder, CEO

Kacey Lloyd is the producer and event director. Leading all projects through conceptualization, feasibility determination, planning, and execution. She ensures projects remain on time and within budget while keeping all stakeholders informed and delivering an exceptional experience for all involved.

Gabe Lloyd

Co-Founder, Creative Director

Gabe Lloyd is a passionate brand builder from concept to delivery and maintains them with engaging storytelling. His approach considers both business needs and marketing strategy. He graduated with honors from the Rhode Island School of Design with a minor in American Pop Culture. He was awarded the Steven T. Mendelson Award for Community Service and continues to inject social impact into his projects. He is also a cycling commentator, including the Red Hook Crit, Red Bull Bay Climb, and Mission Crit.