Electric City Classic

Client: Arts on Division

Location: Somerville, New Jersey

Scope of Work: Full Production, Media Management, Social Media Management, Logistics and Operations, Graphic Design, Presentation

Photo by Vishrut Garg

Photo by Vishrut Garg

Tour of Somerville

4x Turn criterium in Downtown, Somerville, NJ

America's Longest Running Bike Race

Established 1940

Long Tail Creative was contacted in 2022 to become the Event Producers of America's Most Historic Bike Race - Tour of Somerville pb Unity Bank. We were honored to be contacted - Kacey and Gabe have each raced this event many times, and have attended as spectators after their race careers.

The time-table was very short but we focused on two main areas: communication and design. Kacey led the communication with key stakeholders, sponsors, vendors, and key community members. Gabe designed key presentation aspects, managed the social media, and organized a media team for the event.

Photo by Trevor Raab